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We aim to be your preferred freeze-drying innovation partner

so together we create amazing products & applications aligned to global consumer trends

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We are the largest Freeze-Dryer in Mexico

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Select from a wide variety of Freeze Dried innovations to create the product of your dreams!

Freeze Dried Avocado & Guacamole

Freeze Dried Olives

Freeze Dried Coconut products

Freeze Dried Fruits (whole, slices, powders)

Tailor Made Freeze-Drying 

We freeze-dry whatever you and your customers are looking for! 

From a single new product to a complete product pipeline.

Agile Breakthrough Innovation

Every year we help create Award-Winning new products

Freeze-Drying Services


We can freeze dry your fruit at competitive prices and a high service level. 


The SioSi way

Product Quality & Safety

State of the art Freeze Drying Facility (FDA Registered, HACCP, GMP, SQF, Organic, Kosher)


World-class agile innovation

We help our customers create the next claim in all categories

Competitive prices: Largest Freeze Dryer in Mexico

Our values at Si o Si Alimentos

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