About Si o Si

We are a group of happy, committed, and conscious individuals, that together bring well-being to others with our Freeze-Dried products. 

We work hard to make things happen...

We dream big ... we achieve...

We aim to be the best in our world...

And we enjoy every step of the way! 

We invite you to do something amazing together!


Our values

WOW: To create something amazing that makes people wonder!

Si o Si: "Yes or Yes"... our way of seeing innovation... everything is possible!

True & Honest: From our food to our actions... True & Honest always. 

Ubuntu: Teamwork potentiated with the best of each individual. 

Ikigai: We love our work since we can impact other's well-being, and that makes us happy!

360 Wellbeing: For our consumers, our suppliers, our team and our planet