Freeze Dried Product Catalog

All our products maintain the macro and micro nutrients, flavor, aroma, and color of the original fruit or veggie. 
All Pure and Clean Ingredients: No fillers, colorants, flavorings
Long shelf life without refrigeration
Easy to store and transport

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Freeze Dried Avocado Powder

World Class Innovation

Maintains all amazing oils of avocado (omegas)

Totally shelf stable

Keto & Paleo

Used in smoothie mixes, protein mixes, R2D Beverages, confectionary, instant noodles, baby food, food preparations, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, and more. 

* US and MX Patent


Freeze Dried Avocado Cubes

100% Avocado
Avocado + Fruits & Veggies
Avocado + Seeds
Avocado + Herbs
Sweet and savory

Granola and cereal mixes, Instant Soups, Snacks, Cover them with chocolate, Healthy Croutons
Keto & Paleo

Freeze Dried Guacamole

Freeze Dried Guacamole

Hass Avocado, Tomato, Onion, Chile, lime and salt
SIAL Innovation selection
Instant rehydration by just adding water
Long shelf life

Amazing for camping, preparedness, MREs, Retail, Superbowl parties, catering, and more.

Freeze Dried Coconut 2.png

Freeze Dried Coconut Products

Coconut Cream
Coconut Cream with fruits (mango, banana, etc)
Coconut Milk

Natural MCTs for protein shakes
Amazing flavors

Freeze Dried Berries.jpg

Freeze Dried Berries

Strawberry (slices, cubes and powder)
Blackberry (whole, crumble and powder)
Raspberry (whole, crumble and powder)
Blueberry (whole and powder)

And more Freeze Dried products

Mango (cubes, powder)
Orange and Lime slices
Freeze Dried Ice cream


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